House Renovation, Millwork

We can install wood finishes and decorative elements with minimal alteration to your home. We can use an assortment of woods to fit your style.

Custom cabinets

  • Here at Pacific Vista Development LLC, we can install custom cabinets in your kitchen. We have a variety of woods at our disposal to give your cabinets a new look. We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers that love the look of their new cabinets.

Window/door wrapping

  • For those unfamiliar with window wrapping, it is essentially decorative materials that surround your windows. The most common material used is aluminum due to its durability. With a large assortment of colors, you can choose whichever will suit your unique style. We also wrap doors.

Custom stairway/ drop ceiling

  • At Pacific Vista Development LLC, we can install dropped ceilings for you. These are a “false” ceiling suspended from the actual ceiling to house air conditioning and other electrical appliances. Dropped ceilings may also aid in acoustics. We also have plenty of experience with custom stairways. We can turn your old staircase into a beautiful work of art.