Looking for a different look? How about a new floor? Here at Pacific Vista Development LLC, we can demolish your old flooring and install a new one. We do tiles, wood, carpets and more. IIf you still like your floor but it’s scratched and beat up or looking old, we have the ability to repair it.

Demolition of previous floor

  • Before we install your new floor, we must remove your old one. We do this without damaging your home. We have years of experience and will demolition your floor with precision and efficiency.


  • After we remove your old floor we can proceed to install the new floor. You can choose from a large variety of materials that will suit your style and make your home unique.


  • We also have the skill required to repair your old flooring and make it look brand new. Is your floor creaky or even cracked in places? We can fix that for you.